Custom Blueprints

Custom Blueprints

On this page of our site, you can learn more about our blueprints. We design, and then precision laser cut all of our blueprint products. 
We accept custom orders and will work with you to create blueprints to fit all your construction needs.

At Cutting Edge Laser Services we make all our blueprints to scale.
We currently offer three sizes.
Scale       W       H
1/4-1'=  36"x 24" (Standard) Base Price:$160.00
3/16-1'= 27"x 18" Base Price:n$130.00
1/8-1'= 18" x 12" Base Price $70.00
*We are always willing to make custom sizes. However the largest size we are able to create is 40 W x 28 H. Thank you for your understanding. 

Our material is a 2 ply acrylic plastic done in different thicknesses. Our size of 1/32 is able to be rolled and carried just like a paper blueprint.   

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in starting a blueprint project with us.  If you have further questions please e-mail or call 503-336-1333. 


Pictured below are our most popular color options. 


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*Quality of product is subject to the quality of image received.