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Cutting Edge Laser Services is a patent pending business that provides some of the most innovative blueprints in the industry. We are relatively new and are looking forward to helping our clients with each request that comes our way. Below is a short bio on each of our partners. We look forward to working with you! 


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John Koster

John Koster has a strong history in construction. A ticketed and certified carpenter, John worked in carpentry for 25 years, progressing into project management for an additional 13 years. As a project manager, he managed teams working on restoration and new construction. His "lightbulb" moment of laser generated blueprints came as a result of years toiling in the elements and dealing with standard blueprints which became torn, dirty and damaged. This new, innovative product will revolutionize outdated paper and laminated blueprint copies.vices.com


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Tina Hospers

Tina Hospers has over 25 years in Administration Management and Human Resources working primarily within the computer industry. Within her responsibilities as manager at her last start-up, Tina grew the company from 5 employees to 150 by hiring, managing and departmentalizing employees, negotiating contracts, and set up department heads to effectively run the entire company while the technical team concentrated on product development.